Praise for Lauren Deen —


Martha Stewart

"One of my most trusted and gifted producers of my shows for many years, Lauren Deen has an unerring eye and sense of story and is the ultimate professional."


Bobby Flay

“Smart, stylish and a killer work ethic that’s– Lauren Deen. She’s produced award winning shows for me for more years than I want to remember. ”


Mo Rocca

“Lauren Deen is master of the art and politics of great tv: her impeccable taste, breadth of knowledge and passion for the subject matter show up on screen. Plus she has the leader’s talent for delegating and inspiring, and the diplomat’s ability to bring people together with a common goal. Her shows are smart, beautifully produced and sometimes funny. And she knows how to make her host feel like the most important person on earth. (You meant all that, Lauren, right?)”